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    Finding an Engagement Ring That Suits Your Girlfriend's Style

    Last updated 12 months ago

    Are you getting ready to pop the question? You can start by selecting an engagement ring! This special ring does not just symbolize your devotion, but it is also a piece of jewelry that your special someone may want to wear every day.

    Make sure your fiancé is proud to show off her new piece of jewelry by choosing an engagement ring that suits her style. Look to her jewelry collection for guidance, as she will likely adore an engagement ring featuring similar design elements. You can also look to her wardrobe and home décor to determine what style of ring she might prefer. Some women want a traditional engagement ring, while others want something a little more unique.

    You are sure to find the right engagement ring here at Justice Jewelers! See what makes our selection stand out from the rest by looking at our engagement rings on our website. Get more information about our Springfield jewelry store by calling us at (417) 881-0551.

    Recognizing the Differences Between Moissanite and Real Diamonds

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Diamonds are amazing gemstones that were created deep in the Earth millions of years ago. These stones are not only beautiful, but also strong! That is why there are so many diamond imitators, such as Moissanite.

    You can learn about Moissanite by watching this video. As you will see, Moissanite is a synthesized stone that was created as an alternative to diamonds. However, the imitation stone does not offer the same beauty or color offered by a true diamond. It does, however, have a similar price tag!

    Buying Moissanite may not be a good idea, but buying a diamond is always a great idea! Find the perfect piece of diamond jewelry here at Justice Jewelers in Springfield. Call us at (417) 881-0551 for information about why diamonds are superior.

    Buying a Diamond Anniversary Ring

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Who says diamonds are just for engagement rings? These dazzling gemstones look great in many different types of jewelry! Giving your sweetheart a diamond anniversary ring is a great way to show that your love is just as strong as it was on your wedding day. If you have an anniversary coming up, consider giving your special someone the everlasting gift of a diamond anniversary ring:

    Choose the Right Anniversary

    A diamond ring is always a wonderful gift to receive, but you should make sure you choose the right type of anniversary to present this gift to your sweetheart. If you are not married, your special someone may mistake your anniversary gift as a proposal, so you should wait until after your wedding to present a diamond ring as an anniversary gift.

    Visit the Same Jewelry Store

    If you want to give your wife a diamond anniversary ring, it is a good idea to visit the same store where you purchased her engagement ring. Head back to the jewelry store to look at non-bridal diamond rings. You should choose a ring that fits in with her engagement ring and wedding band so that she can wear it regularly. The new ring should also have a slightly unique element to help it stand out from other pieces.

    Work on the Presentation

    Once you select the perfect diamond anniversary ring, you should figure out how to present it to your significant other. Be romantic by presenting the ring in a similar way to how you proposed with the engagement ring. You can also think of a totally new way to give your special someone her gift to create brand new memories!

    Justice Jewelers offers Springfield’s best selection of engagement rings and other gorgeous diamond pieces. Discover what you will find in our Springfield jewelry store by visiting us online or calling us today at (417) 881-0551.

    4 Elements to Consider When Choosing a Gabriel & Co. Engagement Ring

    Last updated 1 year ago

    When you shop at Justice Jewelers in Springfield, you can choose from a variety of beloved designer jewelry pieces. Gabriel & Co. is one of our most popular designers, and offers an assortment of gorgeous engagement rings to meet many different styles and tastes. Choose the perfect Gabriel & Co. engagement ring by considering these factors:


    Engagement rings tend to feature diamonds because of their beauty and durability. The diamond also represents true love and an everlasting bond, making it the perfect choice for this special piece of jewelry! Ask jewelry store employees to help you examine important characteristics such as cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. Use these characteristics to determine which diamond is right for your special someone.


    If you have already started searching for an engagement ring, you may have noticed that there are different settings from which to choose. Gabriel & Co. engagement rings come in a variety of styles featuring a variety of settings. It is important to speak with a jeweler about different settings to understand how they hold the diamond in place.


    You must also choose the right type of metal for your true love’s engagement ring. Metal options tend to be either silver or gold in color, though many different metals are used and combined to create these bands. Think about which color will work best with your girlfriend’s skin tone and jewelry preferences.


    All of the above elements are considered when determining the price of an engagement ring. Prepare for the experience by setting your budget before you visit the jewelry store. Any Gabriel & Co. engagement ring is sure to be adored, but you should make sure it works for your price range!

    Are you ready to start shopping? Contact Justice Jewelers today! Visit our website to see our Springfield jewelry store selection. Give us a call at (417) 881-0551 to start planning your engagement ring shopping adventure.

    3 Tips for Beginning Your Engagement Ring Search

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Marriage marks the start of a new chapter with your true love! If you are getting ready to propose marriage to your special someone, start by visiting the jewelry experts here at Springfield’s Justice Jewelers. Search through our gorgeous selection to find a ring she is sure to love. Use this guide to help you on your search:

    Create a Budget

    It is important to know just how much you want to spend before you start searching for an engagement ring. Different design elements come with different price tags. You can avoid any type of sticker shock by determining how much you want to spend before you start looking at what options are available. At Justice Jewelers, we will work with you to select an engagement ring that works with your budget.

    Think About What She Likes

    Engagement rings are unlike other pieces of jewelry in that they represent a special bond shared between two people. That is why this ring should stand out from your sweetheart’s other pieces of jewelry. But it is also important to find an engagement ring featuring some of your special someone’s favorite design elements. Look at your girlfriend’s jewelry collection to get an idea of the gemstones and metals she prefers. This will help you narrow down your options.

    Learn Her Size

    Nothing is more special than being able to place the engagement ring on your true love’s finger as soon as she says “yes!” Make sure you can experience this happy moment by selecting a ring in her size. Speak to her friends for guidance, or sneak a peek at her ring collection. You can use string to take a measurement of the inside of rings she wears most often, or bring one in to our jewelry store for help.

    If you are ready to start your engagement ring search, visit Justice Jewelers today! Learn about our selection by taking a look at our website. Give us a call at (417) 881-0551 to speak to one of our expert jewelers.

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